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All of our stylists are self employed and have access to their schedules outside of receptionist hours. Ask your stylist how best to reach them.


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We understand that sometimes there are emergencies. Life happens. We do ask that if at all possible, please give us 24-hour notice of any cancellation. Our stylists thank you!

All of our stylists are self employed, and therefore are in charge of their available hours and pricing.


Receptionist Hours

While we love and enjoy kids, please be sure yours stay by your side for the duration of your visit.


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Hannah Hale

Victoria Vanderveen

     Here at Universal Images, all of our stylists are self-employed. They are free to set their own hours and the prices for their services. This means an added amount of flexibility for our clients.


     If you need to come in outside of normal business hours, chances are our stylists can accommodate you.  Talk to your stylist at your next appointment about how best to reach them when the receptionist isn't present.